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Shampoo Bar

Our shampoo bars have been a labor of love! Shampoo bars are a completely different animal when it comes to hair compared to regular bar soap for skin due to the PH level of our hair follicles. We put this into deep consideration when creating these bars and are very happy with the result of how well they perform as far as nourishment, cleaning properties, bubbling and ease of use, all while being SLS free and eco-friendly! Our PH balanced shampoo is also color friendly and lathers beautifully.

Simply rub the bar in the hands to make a lather and scrub in the hair to clean, or use the bar directly on your head starting at the scalp and working to the ends until a desired lather is achieved and wash your hair as you normally would. This shampoo pairs well with our conditioner bars. Use our soap decks to prolong the lifespan of your shampoo bar.

Size: 3oz will last about 40-60 washes dependent upon length of hair.


INGREDIENTS: SCI (Sodium cocoyl isethionate), Betaine, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Essential Oil Blend, Rose clay or Spirulina powder for color, Optiphen.

SCI and Betaine: naturally surfactants derived from coconuts and palm oil free. These surfactants play the important role of cleaning the hair and scalp of excess sebum and dirt without leaving any residue behind. 

* A word about SLS - We created this shampoo with the mission of eliminating any SLS in our family's shampoos and want to share it with you too! SLS (also known as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is under the category of a detergent, surfactant AND emulsifier. Its well known in many household products, even down to the most expensive salon quality shampoos, toothpaste and your laundry detergent, but why is it bad? In the name of itself, it is a sulfate - known to be highly processed by palm oils and petroleum by-products. The harsh cleaning properties of sulfates are even used in the strongest of cleaning products to degrease auto-garage floors. This is something to avoid for anyone, especially if you have sensitive skin or inflammatory processes such as eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis etc. The harshness of sulfates can cause further drying, itching, rash and inflammation. SLS can interfere with the skin's natural proteins and do not rinse well, leaving an invisible film, which can cause follicle clogging and even hair loss. 

Sulfates are quickly losing popularity in the cosmetic world as people become more aware of the side effects, they are searching for healthier, gentler alternatives.

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Care information

Just like any natural bar of soap, its best to allow the bar to dry in between uses. The best way to do this is to use a soap deck, like the ones available in our shop. Beechwood Soap Deck

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Love the shampoo bar!!! Using this along with conditioner bar is better then bottled shampoos and conditioners!!!

Mary Ellen
Spa Experience

This was my first shampoo bar and has far exceeded my expectations!! I am obsessed with the geranium & rose scent. The bar is highly concentrated so a little goes along way on my medium length wavy/ curly hair. This wonderful scent makes my bathroom smell fabulous!

Love this!

I started using a shampoo bar from my hair dresser and really liked it, Despite being hesitant to try another when the one I had I like and work I tried this one and love it so much better works better for my hair and the smell is amazing. Good quality product. Love supporting this small local business.

Exceeded any expectations!

I have been wanting to try a shampoo bar for a while, but I couldn't settle on one. I was gifted this one by my Mom and I can't say enough about it. This brought my dry, fine, flat hair back to life and I've already ordered a second so I don't run out. Love the rosemary in it for hair growth!

Marjorie Fierman
Five star shampoo bar

This product did not disappoint. My hair is so soft and has amazing volume. The scent is perfect and the shampoo bar is so easy to use.