We are a small homestead in southeast Pennsylvania with a mission to provide natural products to our community and our family. We have a whole collection of all natural good for you soaps and skin products. We focus on natural oils, fresh herbs from our gardens or sustainably sourced, and ONLY pure essential oils to scent our products that benefit your skin. We have an entire line of goat milk soaps you are sure to enjoy made with love by us and our small goat herd on the farm.

Thank you for stopping by the homestead shop! We hope these products made with upmost love and care serve you and your skin well!

Our Philosophy

Here at The Shoemaker Homestead we believe in quality, nutrient rich products that serve you and your family well, just as it does our own. Our handmade products are only made with natural ingredients, scented with pure essential oils and made in small batches the old fashioned way with love!