About Us

Our Mission

Here on The Shoemaker Homestead, we've always believed in quality and sustainability. Everything from the food we grow in our backyard, to the products we make for our skin, we know quality makes all the difference in our health and the health of our skin. 

This is why our little business has evolved from a dream, to provide a beautiful piece of our farm to you through all natural, nourishing soaps.

Our products are sustainably sourced, locally sourced or sourced right from our farm providing you with the best quality soap we can make, made of nothing but plant based oils, natural botanicals and 100% pure essential oils. We hope you find these products to be nourishing and wholesomely good for your skin just like we do. Thanks so much for stopping by the shop!

Meet Our Team


Hi, my name is Amanda. The founder behind The Shoemaker Homestead Soap & Co. I'm the soap maker, the homemaker, the wife, the mother, the dreamer, the animal lover, and I love this life we have been given. I always wanted to set forth and make a little business out of our homestead so here I am making dreams come true!

Our little farm has evolved into such a wonderful home for our family over the past 6 years that we have lived here! I'm so blessed to raise our kids on this little piece of earth we get to call our own. Our homestead once was a thriving dairy farm owned and run by my husband's great grandfather. When we got this property back into the family after it had left the family for over 50 years, we were determined to create a successful little homestead in the same foot prints that once was THE original Shoemaker farm. We have three beautiful free range children, dogs, cats, a flock of chickens and a small goat herd to keep us on our toes on the daily. We have large vegetable and flower gardens, and each year we keep adding to them! 

I have had many visions of how the dream of a homestead based business could morph into something so wonderful, and one of those components was a soap business. I love creating; whether it be delicious meals, cozy spaces in our home, or beautiful gardens, so when I discovered the art that is natural soap making, I knew I wanted to share it with anyone that was willing to partake! There is nothing more that makes my heart sing than to share a beautiful piece of our farm to others, and what better way to do that than with handmade soap with natural ingredients, some of which come straight from our farm! I believe in handmade old fashioned products, and quality all natural products should be the only thing you put on your skin, it is your largest organ, and it should be treated well. The passion I have always had even as a little girl to serve others still runs deep in my soul and I am so happy to bring this dream to life! Thank you for being here!

Brant - The Biggest Supporter

The most genuine man I know, my husband. He may think I am crazy half the time with all of my big ideas but he supports my dreams unlike anyone else. He's the one behind the scenes always helping with infrastructure, creating and planning to make dreams on this little farm come true for all of us. We make the best team and I am so glad I get to do life with him by my side. 

Liam and Madelyn - Our Little Helpers


These two kiddos are literally living out the dream life I only wished I had as a kid. We homeschool so these two are with me 24/7 through the ins and outs of everyday life. When we aren't doing schoolwork they help with farm chores, feeding the animals and collecting eggs, and of course love on the animals every chance they get. You will occasionally even see Madelyn give rides to the chickens or dog in her little ride on toys in the yard. They help in the spring time with seed starts, garden work and planting. I say all the time that they make work a little harder sometimes but in all honesty, I couldn't do it without them, they truly are wonderful helpers.

Our Little Girl Amelia

I couldn't leave out the new addition to the farm! Our youngest daughter Amelia was born October 10th 2021 here on the farm, our first home birth. We couldn't love her more she's such a laid back little girl. She comes along for the ride already on our daily adventures, and soon enough she will be barefoot in the gardens running around with her big brother and sister!

Our Ladies


Our emotional girl with the biggest personality, she will be anyone's best friend if given attention with neck and ear scratches. She's needy and loving and she would gladly sit in your lap if you let her. We wouldn't change her silly personality for the world. She will be kidding April of 2022 just a few months away and we can't wait to meet these Daisy babies. I truly think she's gonna be easy to milk, she will let you do anything to her for a treat and sits so still now with our practice milking sessions we have already started.


Our little "Mischief Maggie" you may recognize this sweet girls face as she has become our logo for this little business! This girl gave us a run for our money the day she came home and took off out the back of our Yukon and went missing for two days. The good lord somehow led her home even though at the time she didn't know where home was. She has always been our more skittish girl but she is a sweetheart nonetheless, we love her dearly! Her mama was the best milker from the farm we got her from so I have high hopes for miss Maggie and her milking abilities, she will also be kidding in April of this year! We can't wait to add goat milk into our soaps come spring!

The Boys


Our little toddler we call him. Buddy was an unexpected surprise that came along for the ride and ended up here at the farm out of sheer chance. When Maggie went missing for a few days we needed a "Buddy goat" to keep daisy company as goats are herd animals. The previous owner of Maggie and Daisy had an extra goat kid that wasn't sold yet, so here came Buddy the goat. He is truly the immature toddler that gets into everything and just has the silliest personality, we love him dearly. 


I'd like to think Cody is truly the mascot of our family. He has been here from the VERY beginning of it all. Before kids, before marriage, before the farm. He has taken this life we created with stride and protects and loves everyone that is added to this family of ours, animals and kids included. He is the smartest little dog and can't imagine life without him. Everyone that meets him truly falls in love with him, we love our little Cody Bear.