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The Shoemaker Homestead Soap & Co

Tallow Shave & Soap Gift Box

A mens gift box many are sure to love! Our shave and soap gift box includes tallow shave soap! Made the same way it was done long ago using beef fat - sourced from a local Telford, PA farm. Our shave soap has a musky/woodsy scent and lathers wonderfully.

Also included in this box:

-Soap Deck

-Shave brush

- Porcelain shaving soap dish

- One full size Eucalyptus Mint soap

- One full size Winter Woods soap

- One Mini bar of Charcoal Detox soap 

* Directions for using a natural shaving puck - wet shaving brush, place wet brush on shaving soap disk and rub in a circular motion until desired lather, re wet as needed. Rinse off dish, soap and brush after use, leave out to dry - you don't need to take shave soap out of the dish to rinse. 

Ingredients for Shaving soap: Distilled water, saponified grass fed beef tallow, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil, stearic acid, sodium lactate, vegetable glycerin, essential oil blend.

* to see ingredients of soaps click on links of the individual items

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Care information

Just like any natural bar of soap, its best to allow the bar to dry in between uses. The best way to do this is to use a soap deck, like the ones available in our shop. Beechwood Soap Deck