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The Shoemaker Homestead Soap & Co

Goat Milk Lotion

 The utmost nourishing lotion your skin will ever need! Hand milked and handmade here on our little farm, this goat milk lotion has become quite the favorite to anyone who trys it. Oils in the lotion including avocado butter and grapeseed oil nourish the skin, and goes on smoothly without giving a greasy feel. Goats milk lotion, is naturally packed with nutrients, known for it's anti aging properties and ability to solve or diminish just about any skin issue or irritation. Goats milk is the closest ph to our own skin flora, making it a true miracle worker for any skin type! You won't be disappointed in this wonderful product. Made with love in small batches on our family farm.

Comes in 8 oz and 16 oz glass pump bottles.

Ingredients: Distilled water, goats milk, coconut oil, avocado butter, emulsifying wax, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, Optiphen, essential oils (unscented has none), stearic acid. 

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Care information

Just like any natural bar of soap, its best to allow the bar to dry in between uses. The best way to do this is to use a soap deck, like the ones available in our shop. Beechwood Soap Deck

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
kat Birkelbach Customer
Realtor gift approved

I appreciate the variety of scents . A great addition for real estate business gift baskets. I picked up a few for my clients. I love the wrap the card and decorated gift bag. Very classy packaging for a stand alone gift as well. I met the owner at the souderton 3 rd Friday event.
I hope she comes back🥳

Deborah Moyer
Lavender Lotion

I love all the soaps and lotions from The Shoemaker Homestead. Very high quality product...the smells are so incredible. Made with a lot of care 🩷

Mary Ellen
Lovely Lotions

I find these lotions to be very moisturizing yet easily absorbs into my skin. I have been using them for seven months since my first purchase in September 2023 which was lavender in travel size. Since then I have used Christmas Spice, grapefruit rose and my absolute favorite… citrus bloom!! Thanks again, Amanda for your wonderful products!

Lori R
Surprisingly Creamy Lotion and Great Scent

I bought a small (8 oz) jar of the lemon goat milk lotion from a local farm stand/store (~40 mins from home). There were tester jars on display for all scents. I was impressed by how lemony it smelled and how thick it was for being labeled "lotion" compared to other lotions. If that's a known thing about goat milk lotion, I didn't know that as this was my first time experiencing goat milk lotion.
Anyway, I keep that lotion next to my kitchen sink and use it so often that I started panicking that it was less than half full and decided to see if I could order more directly from the farm - which I could (& if I couldn't, I'd have driven the 35-40 mins back to that farm stand)! I ordered two large (16 or 24 oz?) lemon lotions (one as a gift for my mom) and one small lavender that I bought as a gift for a friend but I'm keeping it LOL! (Sorry Ashley, I'll order your bottle online or go back to that store for it...). ;)
One quick note, it was pretty chilly out the day they were delivered so the lemon lotion's consistency was awkward - for lack of a better word - curdled? It wasn't separated or anything but it just looked like the consistency of cheese curds (sounds gross but it's not and I can't figure out how else to describe it). It just needed to be shaken up AND as its temperature rose, its normal viscosity/consistency returned. The lavender lotion didn't have that issue and my guess is that it had something to do with the lemon oils reacting to the cold...?
Anyway, that wasn't a negative for me but I can see some buyers being turned off or freaked out by it and wanted to make sure they knew that it was no big deal - just shake well and your amazing lotion will reappear!
I'm highly recommending this lotion (if you couldn't already tell by my rambling lengthy review). :)

Marjorie Fierman
Thank you goats!!

I love the lavender scent. The lotion makes your hands and or face so smooth, without feeling greasy.